Our department strives to meet the diverse needs of today’s science students. Our chemistry faculty takes special interest in assisting you as you determine your professional objectives. In fact, you will choose a program of study that fits your career goals in close consultation with your faculty advisor.

To expose you to different career possibilities, we schedule field trips to industrial and university laboratories, campus visits by specialists in many chemistry-related fields and special projects related to specific careers.

We also encourage students to participate in summer research programs. KWC chemistry majors have participated in research activities at the Universities of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Louisville; at Kansas, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Texas A & M, and Vanderbilt Universities; and at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Kentucky Wesleyan College’s Chemistry major includes an emphasis in one of four areas:

  • Biochemistry: for students interested in the health sciences
  • Environmental Science: for students interested in employment or grad school in environmental science
  • Forensic Science: for students interested in employment or grad school in forensic science
  • Professional Track: for students interested in obtaining graduate degrees in chemistry or related disciplines and/or obtaining industrial employment with the B.S. degree

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