Studying English at Kentucky Wesleyan offers you a comprehensive and flexible major for a variety of career fields and pre-professional studies. It’s also a valuable choice as a second major or as a minor if your main area of study is in other disciplines.

You’ll also get to do all the following things:

  • gain the wisdom and experience which comes through reading great literature
  • improve critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation
  • increase proficiency in speaking, reading and writing
  • take advantage of opportunities to master the content, methodologies and skills in an area of specialization

Plus, there’s fun stuff too. Our outstanding Writing Workshop program has been mentioned in the New York Times, and students get chances to go to New York and England on class trips. Check the links below and to the left to find out more!

As an English major, you can choose between an emphasis in literature or in creative writing. Senior English majors may also be invited to undertake a senior honors project and earn the title of English Honors Student.

English Learning Outcomes

  • Produce writing, using MLA style, appropriate to entry level graduate programs or entry level professional positions.
  • Produce scholarly research utilizing MLA database.
  • Facility in close reading and writing literary analyses.
  • Think creatively and express that creativity through writing.
  • Knowledge of literary genres.
  • Knowledge of major historical periods of literature.
  • Create and deliver oral presentations appropriate to entry level professional positions.
  • Develop critical thinking skills.