Course Descriptions – Legal Studies

LGST 1301 – Introduction to Law – 3 hours. Students in this course will cover the basics of the legal system, both civil and criminal. It will include case studies on law in action. Also students will also situate law in its historical and socio-economic framework. Lastly, the course will touch on the rigors of law school and the careers in law. This course is offered during the spring semester every other year.

LGST 4308 – Internship in Legal Assistance – 3 hours. Students will be assigned to a law firm or court agency for a minimum of 120 hours per semester. Assignments and duties may vary. Students will incrementally increase their writing proficiency by completing a 20- 25 page paper. Students must have a 3.00 G.P.A. and instructor permission to enroll. This course is only offered by student request. This course is cross-listed with POLS 4308.

Additional course descriptions can be found within disciplinary listings.