Legal Studies

Kentucky Wesleyan’s Legal Studies program is an interdisciplinary course of study specifically designed for students planning to attend law school.

Although there are a few skills courses included (Introduction to Logic, Introduction to Ethics, and Business and Professional Writing), most of the offerings are focused on the law. This includes an introductory overview of the law and a capstone course centered around an internship with a judge and the local Commonwealth Attorney’s Office (prosecutor).

Other content courses come from six different subject areas: Business, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science and Psychology. Each department offering these courses will present them from their unique perspectives and will not reproduce the law school experience. These perspectives will give you a head start over your peers in law school by laying the groundwork for these areas of legal expertise.

Law schools do not prefer any particular major or minor, so we encourage you to add an additional major or minor(s) to suit your interests. A high grade point average and a better-than-average Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT) score are the key determinants for acceptance into law school.


Every other year the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission asks for candidates to spend a semester in the Commonwealth’s Capitol. These competitively-sought, paid internships earn up to fifteen hours.

Employment Opportunities

Students who maintain at least a 3.00 grade point average are eligible for recommendation by Legal Studies professors for employment with local attorneys. These opportunities are based on availability, a factor not under the college’s control. Sometimes these result in full-time summer employment.