Dr. Justin G. Trulen

Justin TrulenDr. Justin G. Trulen
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(270) 852-3238
Yu Hak Hahn 208C






PhD Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2016
MS Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2012
BS Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2006

Courses Taught

  • Foundations of Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus III
  • Differential Equations (Directed Study)

Research Interests

My main area of research focuses on Fourier analysis, Fourier multipliers, and singular integrals. My
doctoral work focused on their applications to dispersive differential equations. Mainly, getting
asymptotic estimates for the solutions of Schrodinger and Klein-Gordon equations. My current study
focuses on a broader class of differential equations and generalizing the Hilbert transform to general
algebraic spaces.

Undergraduate research currently focuses on number theory. Mainly, the study of sequences of p-adic
valuations generated by polynomials. This work involves collaboration with faculty members across six
institutions. Past undergraduate research involved topics in game theory and modeling population

Published Papers

1) “Asymptotic Estimates for Unimodular Fourier Multipliers on alpha-Modulation Space”,
PanAmerican Mathematical Journal, Volume 27 (2017), Number 2, 1-25.
2) “Asymptotic Estimates for a Klein-Gordon Equation on alpha-Modulation Space”, Open Journal of
Mathematical Analysis, 2020, 4(2), 42-55; doi:10.30538/psrp-oma2020.0061
3) (with Olena Kozhushkina, Maila Hallare, Jane Long, Victor H. Moll, Jean-Claude Pedjeu, and Bianca
Thompson) “The valuation tree for n^{2}+7”, Scientia Series A: Mathematical Sciences, 2020, 30, 91-