A major in mathematics at Kentucky Wesleyan is designed to enable students to succeed by giving them the ability to utilize mathematics in a career or another discipline or to pursue graduate studies.

We intend that our graduates will be able to:

Goal 1: Students will be able to perform mathematical computations efficiently and correctly Significant digits Functional Operations Limits, derivatives and anti-derivatives Convergence (sequences & series) Matrix Operations, vector space bases, & linear transformations Simple & compound Probabilities Statistics: probability distributions and densities, random variables with the common distributions, moment generating functions, hypothesis testing.

Goal 2: Students should develop their ability to communicate mathematical ideas and to write mathematical proofs. Converse, contrapositive, Write proofs by contradiction, induction proofs, & direct proofs. Communicate mathematical ideas orally or written.

Goal 3: Students should make connections between mathematical areas Fundamental Theorem of calculus Green’s, divergence, & Stokes theorem Mathematical & Functional inverses

Goal 4: Students should apply mathematics to other disciplines. Derivative and Integral applications. Mathematical modeling (linear & exponential) Others as applied to upper division electives.

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