Mathematics is the universal language used to communicate across disciplines. Studying mathematics develops student’s problem solving and critical thinking skills by exploring formal logic, proof writing, and computational techniques. These skills are in demand in a wide variety of careers, such as education, finance, data science, business/market research, and graduate school. Professionals working in math related fields tend to earn above-average salaries and report above-average job satisfaction.

A major in mathematics at Kentucky Wesleyan is designed to enable students to succeed in their chosen career or to pursue graduate studies. Various active learning strategies and relatively small class sizes ensure students experience personalized instruction. Mathematics majors develop and present mathematical arguments in a collaborative and student-led setting. The diverse backgrounds of the faculty provide a variety of different research opportunities in pure, applied, or educational research.

Graduates of the mathematics program will be able to perform mathematical computations, write and communicate mathematical ideas and proofs, and make connections between mathematical areas. Connections between other disciplines are explored and students are welcome to double major in other fields including physics, chemistry, and biology. Offerings include a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in Mathematics.

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