Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: 42 or 44 Hours
Core Requirements
MATH 121Calculus I
MATH 221Calculus II
MATH 222Calculus III
MATH 303Introduction to Higher Mathematics
MATH 307 Linear Algebra
MATH 320Statistics I
MATH 401Analysis
MATH 402 Abstract Algebra
Students must take two additional upper-level courses. Students with a strong high school background may omit MATH 121, but still must complete thirty hours of mathematics.
Students who are seeking Secondary Certification are required to take:
Math 113, Math 304, & Math 305
NOTE: A student who has completed the calculus sequence may NOT afterwards take MATH 103 as part of his or her math program.
Supporting Requirements
One year of general physics or general chemistry.
One computer programming course or Math 309 Discrete Structures.