Course Descriptions – Theatre Arts

THEA 1100, 2100, 3100 – Practicum –1- 3 hours. Practical experience gained working on a KWC theatre production. If approved by theatre faculty in advance, may include work with a local or professional company.

THEA 1320 – Introduction to Theatre – 3 hours. This course is designed to develop your understanding and appreciation of theatre. The course includes a survey of the individual components of theatre such as, acting, directing, playwriting and design. You will be exposed to different styles of theatre and theatre from other cultures. The goal of this course is to increase your interest in theatre and help you learn how theatre is vital to our lives today. Offered every fall

THEA 1321 – Acting I – 3 hours. This course is both an introduction to the discipline of acting and an opportunity to increase selfawareness, confidence and an understanding of the human experience. This course will focus on the concept of acting as living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. Using a variety of exercises and projects, we will explore levels of awareness and connection used in acting, relation to self, others, the text, and the audience. Basic practices of actor skill training will be explored including body and vocal awareness, discipline, concentration, focus, script analysis, action and ensemble in a format that encourages curiosity, imagination and personal growth. Offered every fall.

THEA 2300 – Playscript Analysis – 3 hours. Students will explore techniques and analysis used in playscript interpretation. The focus will be on reading the playscript as a performed text in order to understand its approach as theatrical material for the stage.

THEA 2324 Auditions – 3 hours. Students will learn audition techniques and the business aspects of theatre. Students will be required to prepare materials required for an audition, including an resume and audition pieces.

THEA 2333 – Movement – 3 hours. Students will explore movement for the theatre, general physical fitness and conditioning of the body for the stage, stage combat techniques and viewpoints. The work of movement theorists will be explored including but not limited to Tadashi Suzuki, Anne Bogart, and Jacques Le Coq.

THEA 3200-3300 – Theatre Internship – 2-3 hours. This is an opportunity for qualified students to pursue professional and/or practical experience in theatre. Written proposal and project summary are required. Repeatbale up to 6 hours. Prerequisite: Approval of the Director of the Theatre program.

THEA 3323 – Acting II – 3 hours. Advanced scene study, focusing on techniques of script analysis, movement and vocal training. Concentration on scene study will be on period drama, utilizing texts from the Greek period through the late 1800’s. Prerequisite Acting I. Offered every other spring.

THEA 3324 – Children’s Theatre – 3 hours. Children’s theatre methods, including creative dramatics, improvisation, characterization and examination of children’s theatre scripts. Designed for students interested in developing the natural creative instincts of children. Offered every other fall.

THEA 3325 – History of Theatre – 3 hours. This course explores theories of the origins of theatre and its development in ritual and storytelling to the present. The course is taught from a multicultural perspective. Students will learn about various styles, important movements and important figures in the development of theatre from a wide variety of countries and cultures. Students will be asked to make connection between philosophical, political and cultural movements and theatre from that time period. The course is designed to increase interest in theatre and learn how theatre is vital to our world today. Offered every spring

THEA 3330- Directing-3 hours. This course examines the principles and practice of play direction, ensemble building, composition, movement, stage business, tempo, script selection and analysis and rehearsal techniques. Students will have the opportunity to direct a final project. Offered every other Spring. Prerequisite: THEA 1320-Introduction to Theater

THEA 3340 – Theatre Around the World – 3 hours. Theatre Around the World is a course in which students will explore theatre movements on every continent. Students will explore these movements as they relate to the culture at the time and social/political movements. Does not fulfill General Education Aesthetic or Multicultural requirement.

THEA 3343 – Oral Interpretation of Literature – 3 hours. A study of oral interpretation of literature including training in appreciation, analysis and performance. Emphasis is upon literature as human experience and upon the creative role of the reader as he/she engages the literary text. Offered on an irregular basis.

THEA 3345 – Page to Stage Workshop – 3 hours. Students will compose character sketches, monologues and scenes and perform the work generated in class. Students will offer a public performance of selected work, generated in class, as a final project. Cross-listed with ENGL 3344. Prerequisites: ENGL 1301/1401 and ENGL 1302. Offered on an irregular basis.

THEA 3370 – Ancient Tales and Travel: Greek and Roman Literature – 3 hours. A combination of reading and traveling in order to fully appreciate the classical writings and theatre of ancient Greece and Rome. Students will read Aristotle’s The Poetics and plays from Ancient Greece and Rome. After this introduction to the classical theatre, students will travel to Athens and Rome to see where these plays began. Pre-requisites: English 1301 and 1302. Cross-listed with ENGL 3370.

THEA 3390 – Backstage on Broadway: The New York City Tour – 3 hours. An intensive travel-study course that examines first hand current theatre trends in NYC. Students will attend six or more Broadway and off Broadway plays, after theatre discussions, pretravel seminar and provide written assessment of their research. Offered on an irregular basis.

THEA 4320,4321 – Independent Study/Theatre – 3 hours. An opportunity for qualified students to pursue special projects of their own design. Written proposal and project summary are required.. Prerequisite: Approval of Theatre Arts Program Director and Dean of the College.

THEA 4323 – Acting III – 3 hours. Students will explore styles of acting. These styles of acting will include acting from particular time periods and styles including musical theatre. Students will explore in depth acting the works of Shakespeare, Chekhov, Ibsen, and Moliere.

THEA 4330, 4332, 4335 – Special Topics/Theatre – 3 hours. These courses will provide the student with the opportunity to explore specialized topics relevant to their interest in theatre. The topics for the courses will rotate according to student need and interest.

THEA 4365 – Senior Seminar – 3 hours. Senior Seminar is a course in which students will work on their professional appearance, headshots, resumes, and capstone project. With that, they will also be learning about theatre’s professional world, major theatres, major players, and how to move within it.

Brescia University (BU) Courses for Theatre Exchange Program:

*See Brescia University Course Catalog for course descriptions.

*Drm 321 Readers Theatre 3 credit hours

*Drm 325 Oral Interpretation 3 credit hours

*Drm 381 History of Drama 3 credit hours

Eng 203 Introduction to Drama 3 credit hours

Eng 301-4 Creative Writing 3 credit hours each

Eng 360 Introduction to Shakespeare 3 credit hours

Eng 432 Shakespeare 3 credit hours

Mgt 306 Management Concepts 3 credit hours

Mkt 307 Marketing Concepts 3 credit hours

Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC ) Courses for Theatre Exchange Program:

*See Owensboro Community and Technical College Course Catalog for course descriptions.

THA 126 — Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting Hours: 3

THA 141 Costuming and Make-up for the Stage Hours: 3 Course ID:

THA 150 — Fundamentals of Production Hours: 3

THA 260 — Stagecraft Hours: 3

THA 250 – Stage Electrics Hours: 3 Course ID: