Course Descriptions – Christian Ministries

CM 2101 – Worship – 1 hour. This one hour course introduces students to a practical theology of worship, examining the role of worship in Christian tradition and in current Christian practice. Pre-requisite or co-requisite: CM 2305.

CM 2102 – Spiritual Disciplines – 1 hour. This one hour course provides an overview of spiritual practices in the Christian tradition. Students will gain insight and experience in the use of spiritual disciplines as a tool in the formation of Christian disciples and leaders. Pre-requisite or co-requisite: CM 2305.

CM 2103 – Preaching – 1 hour. This one hour course teaches the basics of homiletics or preaching. Students will learn core preaching skills and will practice the art of preaching. Pre-requisite or co-requisite: CM 2305.

CM 2104 – Youth Ministry – 1 hour. This one hour course offers an overview of Christian ministry as it relates to young people. Taught by seasoned youth ministers, the class will give students a conceptual framework and practical skills in leading, teaching, mentoring and discipling youth. Pre-requisite or co-requisite: CM 2305.

CM 2105 – Church Music – 1 hour. This one hour course will explore the role and practice of music in Christian worship. Students should be instrumental musicians or vocalists who are seeking to use their musical abilities in Christian ministry. Pre-requisite or corequisite: CM 2305.

CM 2106 – Pastoral Counseling – 1 hour. This one hour course will introduce students to counseling in Christian ministry settings. Students need not be seeking a vocation in Christian counseling or even ordained ministry. The course is for students interested in Christian service who seek skills in listening, pastoral care and non-professional counseling. Pre-requisite or co-requisite: CM 2305.

CM 2305 – Introduction to Christian Ministries – 3 hours. This course seeks to lay a foundation for the understanding of Christian ministry. Students will explore topics important to the practice of ministry, gain skills in the study of Scripture and assess their own gift and abilities for ministry. The course is designed for persons seeking careers in full-time ministry and those who intend to serve in lay ministries.

CM 3305 – Foundations of Christian Missions – 3 hours. Foundations of Christian Missions provide students with a basic understanding of Christian mission through exploring its historical, theological, biblical and practical bases. the class intends to prepare leaders for the Church by exposing students to mission’s central place in the Christian faith and offering them opportunities to gain abilities in providing mission-based leadership for the church in numerous ministry setting.

CM 3350 – Spiritually Formative Leadership – 3 hours. This course emphasizes the importance of the Christian leader’s own spiritual development. On that basis, students consider the importance of as well as methods and models for communicating the leader’s own vibrant spirituality to those under her/his charge.

CM 3370 – Practicum – 3 hours. Work in a church under the supervision of professionals. Regular meetings, projects and reports may be required as specified by instructor. Prerequisite: Junior status and consent of the instructor.