Applying for Disabilities Services

How to Apply for Disability Services

Kentucky Wesleyan College is committed to equal opportunity and challenge for all academically qualified students and does not discriminate on the basis of disability. Accommodations are available to encourage students with disabilities to take full advantage of this college’s educational, social, and cultural opportunities and experiences.

The Office of Accessibility is responsible for the coordination of programs and services for qualified applicants for admission and enrolled students with disabilities.

Eligibility for services and appropriate accommodations is determined by Molly Gross, 504 Coordinator and Assistant Professor of English, after review of documentation of disability.

At a scheduled appointment, Ms. Gross will discuss the student’s request for services with the student to determine appropriate accommodations and/or consult with the faculty member or others outside the college (as deemed necessary) regarding the request.

Questions or concerns from faculty, staff, or the student related to requested accommodations should be discussed with Ms. Gross informally and then be subject to informal consultation with the Dean of the College, Dr. James Cousins.

Written student complaints submitted to the Office of Accessibility will be addressed directly by Ms. Gross and the Office of Accessibility in writing to the sender.

Matters that remain unresolved may be formally presented by the student to the Dean of College located in the Barnard Jones Administration Building by following the ADA Grievance Procedure.

A complaint should be filed within 180 days after the complainant becomes aware of the alleged violation. Formal appeals include a written statement regarding the nature of the complaint, results of the informal meetings, and requested resolution.

All formal appeals will be promptly investigated and a decision will be rendered within 60 working days of the date of receipt.

Please contact the Office of Disability Services for additional information on the grievance procedure.

Applying for and Requesting Support Services

Referrals – Students and potential students are referred to Office of Accessibility by publications such as Kentucky Wesleyan application packets, schedules of classes, course syllabi and catalogs.

Students are also referred by community agency personnel, Kentucky Wesleyan faculty, high school counselors, health care professionals, family members and others.

Referrals must be made in writing. Referrals should be routed to Molly Gross (FOB #27). All contact information for is listed below:

Molly Gross, 504 Coordinator
Kentucky Wesleyan College
3000 Frederica Street
FOB #15
Owensboro, KY 42303
Phone: 270-852-3212
Fax:  270-852-3248

Submitting documentation of disability – All students seeking assistance from the Office of Accessibility must disclose the presence of a disability. In most cases, the student will be asked to submit documentation of disability for review by Molly Gross, the 504 Coordinator. Upon receipt and review of the documentation, an intake appointment will be scheduled.

Contact Ms. Gross at 270-852-3212 or to set up this appointment.

Intake appointment – After review of documentation, Ms. Gross will contact the student to schedule an appointment.

At this meeting, the student’s eligibility for accommodations and anticipated needs will be discussed. Policies and procedures regarding specific accommodations, such as letters for faculty, accommodations, supplemental note-taking services, etc. will also be discussed at this appointment.

Requesting specific accommodations – Requests for accommodations are made by obtaining and completing an Accommodation Application Form from Molly Gross. The form along with a copy of class schedule will then need to be submitted to Molly Gross PRIOR to the start of the semester. All forms should be turned in BEFORE the end of the first week of each semester. Accommodations are not retroactive; date of determination occurs at the date of application.

It is the responsibility of the student to request specific accommodations each semester via the Accommodation Application Form. Please remember that no accommodations can be put in place until after submission of appropriate documentation, review by the 504 Coordinator, determination of eligibility for specific services, request by student for specific accommodations, and verification that faculty have seen the accommodations.

Timeliness of requests – Submission of accommodation requests for instructor letters and accommodation, should generally be submitted no later than one week prior to beginning of term.

Some accommodations (such as interpreter service, notetakers, and audio books) require much more notice and requires the submission of course schedule, textbook name, author, and ISBN number in regards to audio books.

Although the Office of Disability Services will make reasonable effort to process all requests, untimely requests may result in delay of accommodations.