Graduating with Honors

Graduating with Honors from Kentucky Wesleyan College

The Bachelor’s degree may be conferred with honors under the following rules:

  • Those who earn a grade point average of at least 3.90 are recommended for a degree summa cum laude.
  • Those who earn a grade point average of at least 3.70 are recommended for a degree magna cum laude.
  • Those who earn a grade point average of at least 3.50 are recommended for a degree cum laude.

2021 Baccalaureate

Summa Cum Laude

Allyson Boone – Dr. Michael Nelson
Danielle Brouillette – Ms. Kari Miller – Dr. Eric Schmidt
David Cambron – Dr. Rachel Pritchard
Jonathan Goodwin – Dr. Stephanie Kodatt
Courtney Lewis – Dr. Michael Nelson
Angelique McKeny – Dr. Kristina Krampe – Dr. Michael Nelson
Lillian Miller – Dr. Michael Nelson
Jessica Shelton – Dr. Michael Nelson
Kaylee Willis – Dr. Kyle Besing – Dr. Leah Hoover

Magna Cum Laude
Matthew Bell – Dr. Michael Nelson
Silvey Benson – Ms. Tamara Coy
Tia Chavella – Dr. Kayla Keller
Lucas Daunhauer – Dr. Roger Gardner
Michael Dubree – Dr. Roger Gardner
Lauren Elliott – Dr. Michael Nelson
Gloria Endicott – Ms. Tamara Coy – Dr. Eric Schmidt
Nicolle Guerrero – Ms. Heather Logsdon
Heather Mast – Dr. Angela Mackey – Ms. Kari Miller
Darayon Moore – Dr. Rachel Pritchard
Candida Samek – Ms. Agnes Church
Devin Smith – Dr. Andrew Bolin
Brianna Wolf – Dr. Lynette Taylor

Cum Laude
Cheyenne Best – Dr. Andrew Bolin
Kiahra Burns – Dr. Kayla Keller
Morgan Carroll – Dr. Lynette Taylor
Jackson Caudill – Dr. Stephanie Kodatt
Kaylee Clifford – Dr. Angela Mackey
Sidney Coleman – Ms. Ashley Gendek
Alexa Davis – Dr. Andrew Bolin
Madalyn Dawson – Dr. Leah Hoover – Dr. Mason Horrell
Sarah Dearth – Dr. Stephanie Kodatt
Anna Dunkerson – Dr. Jeremy Gibson
Jeffrey Eades – Mr. Raju Chenna
Chloe Glantz – Dr. Roger Gardner – Dr. Stephanie Kodatt
Evyn Hendrickson – Dr. Angela Mackey
Kylo Hicks – Dr. Mason Horrell
Christopher Jacobs – Ms. Kari Miller
Emily Jentzsch – Dr. Mason Horrell
Noah Niswonger – Dr Stephanie Kodatt
Calista Self – Dr. Andrew Bolin
Mykayla Spurgeon – Dr. Jeremy Gibson
Kameron Stallard – Dr. Jeremy Gibson
Rachel Terry – Ms. Agnes Church
Kenzie Tomes – Dr. Andrew Bolin – Ms. Ashley Gendek
Krisleigh Watson – Dr. Jeremy Gibson
Karli Wilkerson – Dr. Stephanie Kodatt
Bronzon Yator – Dr. Rachel Pritchard