Physical Education P-12

Career Opportunities

Kentucky Wesleyan’s Physical Education P-12 program is for students primarily interested in teaching physical education as well as for those who want to teach and coach. Completing this degree will certify you to teach P.E. to kids in kindergarten through twelfth grade; you are also required to minor in another discipline and will be certified to teach that discipline as well.

Graduates from our program who have sought teaching positions have been very successful in finding a job in large part because they are versatile enough to teach P.E. and another subject to all grades.

Internship Opportunities

All students in this program will student teach in local schools for a full semester — eight weeks in an elementary school and eight weeks in a secondary school.


Kentucky Wesleyan offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education P-12.

Physical Education P-12 Teaching Certification majors who complete all of the course requirements for the major and the health endorsement will also receive a health minor.