Dr. Lynette Taylor

LynetteTaylorDr. Lynette Taylor, Associate Professor of Psychology
Psychology Program Director
(270) 852-3239
Faculty Office Building #14





Ph.D., Psychology, University of Florida

M.S., Psychology, University of Florida

B.S., Biology, University of Alabama

Courses Taught

  • Introductory Psychology I and II
  • Learning Theories
  • Research Methods
  • Drug Use and Abuse
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Senior Research Project


Arnaiz, C.O., Taylor, L.L., Stehouwer, D.J. and Van Hartesveldt, C., An aromatic l-amino acid decarboxylase inhibitor blocks l-dopa-induced air-stepping in neonatal rats, Developmental Brain Research, 94 (1996) 234-237.

Taylor, L.L., Sickles, A.E., Stehouwer, D.J. and Van Hartesveldt, C., Noradrenergic a-1 and a-2 antagonists block l-DOPA-induced air-stepping in neonatal rats, Developmental Brain Research, 79 (1994) 243


Taylor, L.L. (2000, October) Pharmacology of locomotor behavior. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences, Evansville, Indiana.

Taylor, L.L. & Van Hartesveldt, C. (1999, October) Effects of noradrenergic a-receptor agonists and antagonists on air-stepping. Paper presented at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Miami Beach, Florida.

Organizational Memberships

American Psychological Society; 2002-present

Kentucky Psychological Association; 2002-present


Kentucky Wesleyan College Advisor of the Year, 2006

University of Florida Center for Neurobiological Sciences Fellowship, 1993-1994

KWC Psych Bowl Team Coach at KPA Spring Academic Conference (2006-2009) – 1st round winners 2006, 2007, and 2009