Heating and Cooling

We want you to be comfortable. The weather in the Fall and Spring can make it challenging to determine when to switch our Residence Halls between Cooling and Heating. We encourage you to add an extra blanket or use a fan to help make yourself more comfortable during these times. If you feel your room temperature is extremely hot or cold please reach out to our staff.

Deacon, Peeples, and Stadium are either on heat- or cool-air systems. This prevents us from toggling between heating and cooling during a season. The heat cannot be instantly turned on and then turned off. In Massie and Kendall, students can switch over on their individual units.

We track the weather to make a determination about when the system needs to be switched. Similar to other surrounding colleges, we use a standard of 5 consecutive days with the low being below 50 to turn on the heat and for cooling, 5 consecutive days of the high being above 50. Day time temperatures are taken into consideration.